Make Phone Calls Hands-Free

Make Phone Calls Hands-Free

Use preset keys to store up to six phonebook entries.

For speed dialing, CD Receivers feature six preset keys on the faceplate which can be designated as six separate phone book contacts. Navigation receivers with built-in Bluetooth feature a full QWERTY keyboard for phone book searching. You can also dial by voice on any AV Multimedia or CD Receiver with built-in Bluetooth.

JVC Headunits pair with most cell phones and smartphones allowing you to dial and receive phone calls from the receiver without touching the phone. Built-In Bluetooth receivers let you browse through your phonebook contents on screen as well as previously dialed and received calls. Your CD Receiver will also alert you when a text message is received.

CD Receivers with built-in Bluetooth come with a separate wired microphone for clear, audible sound during phone conversations.

Cell phones can be paired easily with few short simple steps. All built-in Bluetooth receivers will store at least five phones that can be selected automatically or chosen when you get into the vehicle. CD receivers with Built-In Bluetooth allow two phones to be connected simultaneously and let you know via distinct ringers and color flashing when one of the two phones are receiving a phone call.

Click here for Bluetooth compatibility information


Listen to Your Cell
Phone's Music and Apps

Listen to Your Cell Phone's Music and Apps

Bluetooth audio is not only standard on many cell phones but is also standard on both JVC’s Built-In Bluetooth Receivers and the KS-BTA100 add-on Bluetooth module for JVC receivers.

Once paired, you can listen to high quality music wirelessly from your cell phone’s music player or internet radio applications such as PANDORA INTERNET RADIO, iHeart Radio, or Raditaz.* When apps are running, audio and music come through the car speakers too.


Listen to and control PANDORA
INTERNET RADIO from Blackberry
and Android wirelessly

Connect Android and Blackberry devices using Bluetooth to control the major features of PANDORA INTERNET RADIO. Control or pause your music player with wireless receiver commands such as play/pause, fast forward, rewind, track up, and track down. For Android and Blackberry smartphones you can control most key features of PANDORA INTERNET RADIO on screen with text display including thumb up, thumb down, and station select features via a JVC Built-In Bluetooth CD, Digital Media or Multimedia Receiver.*


*Function availability depends on cell phone device


Use your Android as a
remote control for your

JVC Smart Music Control is a free standalone music player application that can automatically create a music playlist in a unique way – such as by the "mood" that you are now in. And you can perform operations by either simple gesture control or by voice command.

JVC Smart Music Control is also an application that connects and controls compatible JVC car audio receivers via Bluetooth® like a wireless remote control. This application can display a JVC car audio receiver's source information on the smartphone's screen, and enables the user to perform operations on the JVC car audio receiver as well.


The following stereo commands can be operated from your Android Smartphone!

By Touch
Play / Pause
FWD Skip
REV Skip
Folder Up
Folder Down
Source Change
EQ (Receiver)
Volume Up/Down
By Voice Command
Next Track
Previous Track
Repeat off/on/all/Track
Random off/all/group
Search song/artist/album
Change Source
Change Preset Station

Add Bluetooth Wireless Technology to your JVC Bluetooth Ready Receiver

Add Bluetooth Wireless
Technology to your JVC
Bluetooth Ready Receiver

Bluetooth Wireless technology can be added to both 2011 and 2012 Bluetooth Ready In-dash CD and Multimedia receivers. The KS-BTA100 is an add-on solution providing the benefits of both Hands-Free Phone calling and Wireless Audio streaming in one small add-on module. All controls, microphone, and hardware are included in a single module. The best part is that installation is easy; JVC Bluetooth Ready Receivers are pre-programmed to fully integrate with this easy to use Bluetooth module.