MotionX-GPS Drive Navigation Ready

MotionX-GPS Drive turns your iPhone into a personal navigation device for walking or driving. Not only does it allow full navigation and iPod remote control from your iPhone, MotionX-GPS Drive also displays its map data on the JVC multimedia receiver’s monitor when connected. It even works with song playback from iPhone, Satellite Radio, or Tuner sources by muting or pausing, then restoring your music volume during voice guidance through your car’s speakers.*

MotionX-GPS Drive supports the following features when connected to an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s:

Navigation Map Display with turn-by-turn directions (iPhone simultaneously displays control panel with additional information)

Drag and scroll map screen up/down/left/right

Zoom in and zoom out

Toggle on-screen Traffic on and off

Mute/Unmute Voice Guidance

The following Multimedia Receivers are ready for MotionX-GPS Drive:

KW-AV61*, KW-AV61BT , KW-ADV65BT, KW-AV71BT , KW-NSX600 or KW-NSX700

*MotionX-GPS Drive requires a one-time connectivity fee of $24.99 in order to display map data on the JVC receiver screen. MotionX-GPS Drive subscription fee of $2.99/mo or $19.99/yr required. JVC KS-U30 audio and video cable for iPod/iPhone also required. Works with iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s only.


PANDORA Internet Radio

Listen to PANDORA INTERNET RADIO from your iPhone with full receiver controls. Access station lists, bookmarks, and play/pause commands from the receiver. You can even “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs Down” from the stereo’s operation keys. On Multimedia models you can view large, high resolution album artwork on-screen as well. Works with all 2013 JVC In-Dash Navigation, Multimedia, Digital Media, and CD Receivers with built-In Front or Rear USB ports*


Listen to PANDORA Internet Radio Wirelessly with Blackberry or Android Smart Phones

Connect Android and Blackberry devices using Bluetooth to control the major features of PANDORA INTERNET RADIO. Control or pause your music player and some apps with wireless receiver commands such as play/pause, fast forward, rewind, track up, and track down.

You can control most key features of PANDORA INTERNET RADIO with display including thumb up, thumb down, and station select features via a 2013 JVC Built-In Bluetooth CD Receiver.*

*Function availability depends on cell phone device. Smart Phone used must include Bluetooth SPP Profile. Consult your wireless provider or smart phone specifications for more information regarding Bluetooth SPP Profile.


iHeart Link for JVC

Select and listen to live radio programming from stations all over the U.S.! The iHeartRadio App delivers over 750 radio stations streaming free on your data enabled iPhone or Android Smartphone. JVC Navigation systems allow you to view album artwork on-screen and search through channels with full control when your iPhone is connected through USB or your Android by Bluetooth.

iHeart Link is available for the following 2013 JVC Navigation models:


Receive on-screen Traffic, News, Sports, and Weather info using the iheartradio application.

Get Total Traffic+ HD Network services in more areas! When connected to the iPhone using the iheartradio app, JVC’s 2012 Navigation receivers display News, Sports, Weather, and Real-Traffic information over your cell phone network – even outside of HD Radio broadcast areas.

Get Total Traffic+ HD Network services in more areas! When connected to the iPhone using the iheartradio app, JVC’s KW-NT50HDT receives News, Sports, Weather, and Real-Time Traffic information over your cell phone network – even outside of HD Radio broadcast areas.*

App Link Mode

Find out more about iHeartRadio mode and see what’s playing at

App Link Mode (KW-AV61 ,KW-AV61BT , KW-AV71BT , KW-NSX600 , KW-NSX700 )

Connect an iPhone to select JVC Multimedia receivers to experience large detailed displays of useful driving and audio Apps. (KS-U30 Video Cable for iPod/iPhone Required). Use your iPhone for on-screen navigation, listening and queuing tracks on internet streaming services, reading websites aloud to you, and more.

Audio playback from Apps also works through your car speakers


The following applications are compatible with App Link mode on JVC Multimedia Receivers:

Click icon to download

Compatible Apps

SonicMaxPro for JVC

  • HD quality music player with BBE’s criticaly acclaimed HD audio technology-Sonic Maximizer
  • Built-in preset audio settings for JVC home and car audio products, as well as headphones
  • Download PDF
  • U.S.A.

MotionX-GPS Drive

  • Maps are displayed on the Touch Screen LCD display
  • Turn-by-turn commands are voiced through vehicle speakers
  • Scroll, zoom, traffic display & voice mute can be controlled on-screen as well
  • Download PDF
  • U.S.A., Canada

TuneIn Radio

  • TuneIn lets you listen to the world’s radio from wherever you are.
  • Whether you love music, sports, news or comedy, TuneIn gives you over 70,000 live radio stations and two million on-demand programs, like podcasts, concerts and interviews
  • Worldwide

Dash Command

Works with an OBDII port connection to explain why the check engine light keeps going on, displays horsepower, torque, or acceleration, monitors gas mileage and allows creation of customizable gauges


Everio Sync 2

Enables live monitoring, remote operation or data transfer of videos and still images by connecting a JVC Everio VX or EX series Wi-Fi enabled camcorder and a smartphone/tablet with a wireless internet connection


Local Scope

Discover and find places, people and information using geo-tagged data from multiple local search engines, social networks, media sharing services and other apps.



Sygic is a Turn-by-Turn voice guided navigation app using high quality TomTom maps stored on the phone – internet is not needed as it works with GPS only. Instructions are given with spoken street names, as well as three alternative routes to choose from. Junction view, 3D cities, speed limit display, and speed camera warnings are shown visually to aid the driving process.



Waze is a fun, community-based traffic & navigation app, 30 million strong. Users can join forces with other drivers to outsmart traffic, save time & gas, and improve everyone's commute. By simply driving around with Waze open, real-time traffic & road info is contributed to the local driving community. Accidents, hazards, police and other events can be actively reported, and road alerts are available. The cheapest gas station along the route can also be found with community-shared gas prices.



Raditaz is free personalized radio for iPhone combining its 22 million-song catalog and Music Map with the most advanced usage of The Echo Nest music intelligence platform. This includes understanding of artist connections, song similarity, mood, style and detailed acoustic attributes to offer users a fully personalized radio feature. Raditaz uses this unique "fingerprint" to categorize and label every artist, album, and song, ultimately giving users the very best radio experience.


INRIX Traffic

  • Real-time traffic info, view traffic incidents on your route, compare current traffic conditions to what is normal, and know what time to leave based on predicted traffic conditions
  • News updates and sports info in real-time
  • Download PDF
  • Worldwide (30 Countries)

Cobra iRadar

  • Community-based radar/laser/camera detection system
  • Share and receive alerts in real time from other iRadar users
  • Live radar/laser detection, user reports, automatic alert reporting, and AURA speed and red light camera database
  • Download PDF
  • U.S.A., Canada

DriveMate Rec mini

DriveMate Rec mini is an application that makes iPhone a drive recorder.

Automatically records video in incidents such as traffic accidents.

  • You can record a movie of up to ten seconds (Total 20 seconds) before and after an event either a impact such as heaving braking, abrupt handling, or collision is sensed or when the REC button on the screen is pressed.
  • Recorded video can be exported to the camera roll or put it up on YouTube directly from this application.
  • Download PDF
  • Worldwide

DriveMate OnboardCam

DriveMate OnboardCam is an application to record movies and tracks during the driving.

  • Recording scenery and the like while driving
  • Download PDF
  • Worldwide

DriveMate TimeTrial

DriveMate TimeTrial is an application to record tracks for driving and jogging. The recorded tracks can be compared with other tracks or the real driving or jogging.

  • Save, play back, and compare tracks of routes driven
  • Download PDF
  • Worldwide

DriveMate Rec

DriveMate Rec is an iPhone app that records video while you drive and tracks the route driven.

"DriveMate Rec" includes three functions("Drive Recorder", "Video Recorder", "TimeTrial").

  • Drive recorder: Automatically records video in incidents such as traffic accidents
  • Video Recorder: Mode for recording scenery and the like while driving
  • Time Trial: Mode to save, play back, and compare tracks of routes driven
  • Download PDF
  • Worldwide

DriveMate SafetyCam

DriveMate SafetyCam is an iPhone app designed to support safe and eco-friendly driving.

  • Approach Warning to the Car Ahead
  • Departure Notification of the Car Ahead.
  • Driving Safety Evaluation
  • Download PDF
  • Worldwide

Web Reader - Text to Speech

  • Text to speech technology along with web page content recognition to read web pages out loud
  • Web Reader reads web pages and social media sites aloud through car speakers while driving with on-screen play & pause
  • Download PDF
  • Worldwide

  • “Made for iPod” and “Made for iPhone” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod or iPhone, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod or iPhone may affect wireless performance. iPhone, iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Cobra® and the snake design are registered trademarks of Cobra Electronics Corporation, USA. Cobra iRadar™ is a trademark of Cobra Electronics Corporation, USA.
  • ©2008 INRIX, Inc. INRIX® , the INRIX logo and INRIX Traffic logo icon are registered trademarks of INRIX, Inc. 1/08
  • The TuneIn logo and TuneIn icon are registered trademarks of TuneIn, Inc.
  • Pandora and Pandora logo are registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Due to music licensing restrictions, the Pandora radio service is only available in the United States.

External Mode for iPod/iPhone

Enjoy sound from your favorite iPod®/iPhone® Apps while keeping your device charged. Here are some examples of how you can use JVC's External Mode in your vehicle…

Internet Radio


iHeart Radio by ClearChannel
Listen to more than 750 of America's favorite stations through your JVC stereo. Frequently updated traffic reports are available for several major markets including New York, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco and Houston.

Find out more about this app at



MotionX-GPS DriveMotion-X GPS Drive is a navigation application with over 3 million users designed specifically for the iPhone®. Use this App with JVC's External mode to receive turn-by-turn voice directions through your speakers. MotionX-GPS Drive even allows iPod playback while navigating and will automatically mute temporarily for navigation commands.

Find out more about this app at

Driving Apps


INRIX Traffic is a free mobile app that helps drivers avoid traffic and get there faster. Put the power of the world’s largest driving community into the palm of your hand with real time alerts, traffic forecasting and information about accidents, police and other events along your route.

Find out more about this app at
External Mode is available on all 2012 JVC USB Receivers.


JVC Smart Music Control

JVC Smart Music Control is a free standalone music player application that can automatically create a music playlist in a unique way – such as by the "mood" that you are now in. And you can perform operations by either simple gesture control or by voice command.

JVC Smart Music Control is also an application that connects and controls compatible JVC car audio receivers via Bluetooth® like a wireless remote control. This application can display a JVC car audio receiver's source information on the smartphone's screen, and enables the user to perform operations on the JVC car audio receiver as well. The following stereo commands can be operated from your Android Smartphone!

The following stereo commands can be operated from your Android Smartphone!

By Touch
Play / Pause
FWD Skip
REV Skip
Folder Up
Folder Down
Source Change
EQ (Receiver)
Volume Up/Down
By Voice Command
Next Track
Previous Track
Repeat off/on/all/Track
Random off/all/group
Search song/artist/album
Change Source
Change Preset Station

JVC Music Control

JVC Music Control is a music player application that allows you to select a song from a variety of lists; for example, playing songs in a mood playlist to accompany your mood of each day. Connecting your Android device in which this application is installed to your JVC car audio receiver via USB allows you to control from your JVC car audio receiver: for example, searching for a song in the Android device by artist name or album name.

*Compatibility depends on cell phone device. Android device and OS must support USB Mass Storage Mode.


JVC Mobile “Plugged In” App

The JVC Mobile “Plugged In” app is an all in one product information center including specs, pictures, and video plus a live dealer and event locator.

The app also works with JVC’s App-Link function as a central launcher of controllable partner applications on 2013 Multimedia in-dash receivers such as MotionX-GPS Drive, SonicMax Pro Powered by BBE and Pandora Internet Radio.